We don't believe in high costs for quick jobs, so with that in mind we have set prices for our most common jobs. Some jobs don't fit into the below categories or will be more suitable to an hourly charge, so get in touch with us if you're not sure.

Service Cost
Hardware Installation (0) £15.00
Software Installation (0) £10.00 Remote Install / £15.00 Onsite Install
Virus Removal (1) £30.00 (includes PC health check)
MOT & Speed up (1)(2) £45.00
Hourly Rate (3) £25.00

(0) - Excludes price of any parts or software required.

(1) - Performed offsite.

(2) - Complete PC health check with personal printed report, virus / malware check and removal using 3 individual tools, physical clean of computer inside and out, cleanup of computer software / junkware / addware including temp files etc, update of OS/AV (installation of AV if currently one missing) and personal recommendations how to keep your computer in top shape. Generally customers report a noticable performance increase allowing them to hold off upgrading to a new computer for longer.

(3) - This hourly rate would generally be chargable for more complex jobs, such as installation of home networks etc. Excludes price of any parts or software required.